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PV-ATL Spring II Training Begins March 11, 2018!!



PV-ATL Spring II Training Begins March 11, 2018!!

Our Spring II Training  will begin March 11, 2018 at the Galloway Athletics Complex

For Spring II we will continue on our Spring Track & Field Scholastic Season Schedule: Saturdays, Sundays, & Mondays.

Our times will stay at 4:00pm – 6:00pm on  Saturday, 11:00am – 1:00pm on Sunday and 6:00pm – 7:30pm (New time!) on Monday evenings.

Our Spring II Schedule will be adjusted to account for the High School Track Schedule and Daylight Savings Time changes. Please refer to our Training Schedule Page for updates.

*Please note that New Beginners must have been to TWO Weekend Training Sessions to be able to practice on Thursday evenings. We are not staffed for New Beginners on Thursday evening practices.


Please look to “Training Schedule” page for all the updated training dates and information.  Also please review the “Training Facility & Directions” page for how to get to our facility.

If you would like to see pictures and videos of all our Clinic, practice and outdoor action, check out our Facebook Page:

If you would like to be added to our Schedule and Information updates list, please email Coach Fairbanks at

New Options for Training in 2018!!

With our move to Galloway’s training facility, we will be offering new and more options for training in 2018.

We now offer four (4) training options for athletes: Daily, Monthly, 3 Months, & 12 Month Club. Details with pricing is now available on the “Clinic/Programs/Pricing” Page.

We have tried to stay convenient and affordable for all our jumpers. We hope these new options will be a new convenience for our athletes.

Spring II Training will continue our year-around training program. Spring II is our time to carry the Outdoor Track Season all the way to State!  Please check the online training schedule and get on over to practice!

Pole & Equipment Rental/Sales

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Pole Vault Atlanta now sells NEW ESSX vaulting poles!!

Pole Vault Atlanta is happy to announce that we are now a certified ESSX Vaulting pole dealer. Our ESSX Pole representative, Shannon Riley of West Georgia Pole Vault will be providing the famous ESSX pole product line with quality service and pole information.

Pole Vault Atlanta can now provide you or your athlete or school with the pole vault equipment you need at a fraction of the cost offered by other dealers. Call today for pricing and assistance in selecting the poles and equipment you need. DONT PAY FULL PRICE, EVER! Call or email for your discounted price today!! Contact Shannon at PV-ATL / West Georgia Pole Vault Athletic Equipment for your discount pricing.

Shannon Riley, ESSX Pole rep: West GA Pole Vault

Phone: 678-633-1930 / email:



PVATL/West GA Pole Vault, Pole Exchange Program

The Pole Exchange Program is a service that PVATL/West GA Pole Vault offers to pole vaulters and schools. Our program allows for trade-ins on poles that no longer fit your needs. We now can exchange your old poles for new poles that fit the vaulter at the proper size.

How it works:

  1. Contact us with all the information on the pole(s) you would like to trade in. We would need brand, length and size/flex (Ex: Pacer, 12’6” 100lbs 32.0 flex#).
  2. Let us know what you need for your new pole (Ex: ESSX, 14′-0 ‘ – 155)
  3. We will get back to you with an offer for your pole and the price of the replacement/new pole.
  4. If you accept the offer, then we will make the trade and get you the new one at our discounted PV-ATL/West GA Pole Vault price.

What we pay you:

We can offer you discounted rates or credits on new ESSX poles, in some cases, we will buy your poles for a fair market rate.

For more information, contact West GA Pole Vault at 678-633-1930



Here is this year’s last updated All-time High School Outdoor Performance list, 2018! Check it out!

1.    Becky Arbiv 13′-6.50 2017
2.    Alex Potts 13′-1.5 2017
3.   Ariel Arbiv 12′-10.5 2018
4.   Kaylee Riley 12-9.25 2016
5. Mackenzie Gignilliat 12′-9 2018
6. Kelsey Worthington 12′-2.5 2018
7.   Lauren Wilson 12′-1 2010
8. Payton Phillips 11′-9 2018
9.   Karena Shell 11′-6 2006
10.  India Welton 11′-4 2013
1. Brian Hauch 15-9.25 2017
2. Sam Johnson 15-4 2011
2. Gil Hoffman 15-4 2015
2.  Mitt Conerly 15-4 2016
5. Matt Morris 15-2 2012
5. Matt Mazzacanno 15-2 2018
6. Jack Cahillane 15-1.5 2016
7.  Tyler Ransom 15′-0 2010
8. Jay Brooks 14′-10 2013
9. Daniel Surman 14′-10 2017
9. John Rudd 14′-7 2014
 9. David Curry 14′-7 2014
 10. Jared Scotland 14′-7 2012
Middle School Girls 2018
1. Payton Phillips 11′-7.75 2017
2. Becky Arbiv 11′-2 2013
3. Brooklyn Kierbow 9′-9 2017
4. Ariel Arbiv 9′-2 2015
4. Jackie Goodwin 8′-8 2011
6. Courtney Stuart 8′-7 2014
7. Layla Keatle 8′-6 2018
8. Rachel Valentine 8′-5 2017
9. Rachel Sinclair 8′-4 2014
10. Clara Silvestri 8′-2 2018
1. Mitt Conerly 12′-7 2012
2. Nick West 11′-10 2017
3. Alon Rowgow 11-8.5 2018
4.  Joe Street 11′-8 2015
5. Ben Foley 11′-3 2011
6.  Ben Thrash 11′-2 2011
7. Chris Lee 11′-1 2014
8. Sam Zoldock 11-0 2012
9. Adam Mendell 10′-10.5 2001
 10. Jake Rubin  10-7  2015


Sessions will continue with our Spring II Sessions, 2018, at our training site at the Galloway Athletics Complex . Spring II begin practices on March 11, 2018.

Session prices have now changed for Spring 2018. Please see the “Clinic/Programs/Pricing” page for the new programs and pricing. You must also have a signed waiver on file. See the waiver page for more information.

Have you considered joining the PV-ATL Club Team? The club price is $480 (New Price) for Spring 2018. The Club fee includes all training sessions at no charge, uniform, t-shirt, sweat shirt, USATF registration, registration to competitions as a PV-ATL team member, and 1/2 price at the PV-ATL Summer Camp 2018. Check the PV-ATL Club page for more information.

See everyone at the Spring II Sessions!!