Our Approach To Coaching


The PV-ATL learning process is designed in deliberate steps.

Although there is no “magical” approach to the pole vault. We do keep it simple, for accelerated learning.

We teach the athlete to teach him/herself. We stress drills that can easily be adapted to the runway. We emphasize the teaching and coaching of the “Petrov/Bubka” Technical Model. We feel that this is the best approach to success in modern pole vaulting.

The following Lessons have been carefully developed to teach Excellence in the Pole Vault.

Lesson #1: Plant Path and Proper Approach.

This lesson teaches the “plant path” and the proper formula for the best way to approach the box for take-off. *It is important to note that the material learned in the next two lessons is entirely dependent on what is learned in Lesson #1.

Lesson #2: Getting off the Ground.

This lesson uses the skills learned in L#1 to make the proper take-off. This is where “Petrov/Bubka” Technical Model begins.

Lesson #3: Putting it all Together.

This lesson uses all the skills in the previous lessons to get the athlete over the cross bar. We try hard to get new students of the pole vault off the ground and over a practice “bungee” bar on the very first day of instruction.

*Note 1: All participants in clinics or instruction with PV-ATL must complete a “Registration & Waiver Form” before they may participate in a PV Training Session/Clinic. See “Registration & Waiver Form” below. This may be done online or at the venue.

*Note 2: PV ATL has, over time, accumulated 200+ vaulting poles in all sizes, for use at our facility. We should have a size that will work for any beginning vaulter. Students should never have to bring their own pole(s) to training. We will provide all the poles. We will also provide most other training materials.