Summer Camp, Registration & Information, 2017



Special PV-ATL Update:

Summer Camp will be moving to the Galloway Athletics Complex for this Summer, 2017. Emory will be closing their track this summer due to construction on the field.

We will be moving to a NEW PV-ATL Facility, for this Summer, 2017. We will be moving all PV-ATL operations (Including Summer Camp) to the Galloway Athletics Complex beginning with our first Summer Practice on May 24. We will continue with updates. The Camp dates and times below will stay the same.

New Facility Address:

Galloway Athletics Complex

2400 Defoors Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Please review all the Camp information. The Registration Forms are at the bottom of the page. Please note that this year we will have a multiple camp discount!!

If you would like to attend our camps, please:

1.  Print the Registration form & the Waiver form. Fill out the forms.

2.  Send the forms and the Camp payment to the address below.  Also, remember we do not have online registration for Camp, as of yet. All registration and fees must be mailed the old fashioned way (…Sorry…!)



@Galloway Athletics Complex

Three Camps to choose from this coming year!

Camp#1: JUNE 6-7-8, 2017

Camp#2: JUNE 13-14-15, 2017

Camp#3: JULY 11-12-13, 2017

10:00am – 2:00pm, Each Day


PV-ATL’s  Training  Facility at the Galloway Athletics Complex: 

Galloway Athletics Complex

2400 Defoors Ferry Rd.

Atlanta, GA 30318

We are moving from the Emory University Campus to the Galloway Athletics Complex for this Summer, 2017. Please make a note of our move and plan your route to our new facility appropriately.

 Camp  Description: 

The PV-ATL Summer Day Camp is designed for all levels of Pole Vaulters. We provide technical instruction in the teaching of “power pole vaulting” and “pole vaulting by the numbers”. We work hard to present the “Petrov Model” in technique. Our emphasis is on drills and exercises that immediately transfer to the runway.  We preach simplicity to increase the learning curve. This equates to success.

 Camp  Itinerary: 

The camp will be designed to accommodate all levels of vaulters, middle school and high school. Working and training with beginners is our expertise.

We will take all our vaulters through Lessons #1, #2, & #3 (see “Programs” at www. Then work on specific drills and skills to improve their vaulting. We will be working for “pit time”, where the athletes get a real chance to jump with their new found technique.

Each day will be a four hour session (10:00am – 2:00pm) with a lunch break at noon. The schedule for each session will run from the one listed above. 


PV-ATL is coached by Hal Fairbanks. He has coached many champions in Georgia at all levels. He was a pole vaulter in high school and college. He is the developer of the PV-ATL system and approach. He also still competes on the Masters level.

PV-ATL is happy to have  Matt Barry as our Assistant Coach. He has worked with PV-ATL for over 4 years and are our beginning/intermediate pole vault specialists.


We will be conducting the camp at the PV-ATL training facility at Galloway Athletics Complex  in NW Atlanta. We are afforded three pole vault runways & pits, an 8 lane tracka sand vaulting area, and special areas for drills. We also have an inventory of 250+ poles for campers to use. 

Camper Responsibility:

Campers should:

  1. Bring their own pole(s). Or use PV-ATL poles from our inventory of 250 poles.
  2. If a pole is unavailable, athletes may use a PV-ATL pole.
  3. Bring their own snack, lunch, and water supply.
  4. Bring their own training shoes and spikes.


Price includes PV-ATL camp T-shirt and competitive awards.

Individual Camper:        $160

*Team Camper:             $120

PV-ATL Club Member:     $80                                                  

Again for this year! Multiple Camp Discount:

  1. a.   Register in advance for TWO (2) Camps: $300, for both camps.
  2. b.  Register in advance for  THREE (3) Camps: $430, for all camps.

*Team campers are 5 or more athletes from the same school or organization, and registered together by the coach or supervisor.

Waiver/Release Form:

All campers must have a “Waiver/Release Form signed and sent with the Registration and fee payment to PV-ATL. Waiver/Release Forms may be downloaded and printed from the PV-ATL website:

Please send registration form (Next page), waiver release, and payment to:

 Hal Fairbanks, PV-ATL

2579 Henderson Rd

Tucker, GA 30084

For additional information please call:


The waiver release and all other forms can be found at:



Deadline for registration:

June 5, 2017, Camp #1

June 12, 2017, Camp #2

July 10, 2017, Camp #3


Name ____________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

City_________________________ State ____ Zip _______________

Parent Name: ____________________________________________

Sex: M/F Age ____  Birth Date _______________ School ________________________ 

Emergency Contact: ______________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

Day Phone: ______________________

Cell Phone: ______________________

School: ___________________________________

Pole Vault PR: ___________________

Circle one:   Attending:   Camp #1 (June: 6-7-8)

                      Attending:   Camp #2 (June: 13-14-15)

                     Attending:   Camp #3 (July: 11-12-13)

                    Attending:  All Camps (#1 & #2 & #3) or Two Camps  [#1-#2-#3] (Please circle one)

 T-Shirt Size:  S   M   L   XL

Check One:

        Individual:                       $160  ____

        Team (5 or More):          $120  ____

       PV-ATL Club Member:     $80   ____

        Two Camps: $300 _______  or Three Camps: $430 ______

*Please Make checks to “PV-ATL”


Please send registration form, waiver release, and payment to:

Hal Fairbanks, PV-ATL

2579 Henderson Rd

Tucker, GA 30084

For additional information please call:


The waiver release and all other forms can be found at: